I have long since given up new years resolutions - why set myself up for unrealistic expectations to start the year off wrong?  Rather, on January 1st I take some time to consciously assess the past year. This year the first feeling that immediately came to my mind was "contentment".  Believe me, my life has been intermittently filled with many serious challenges, so the feeling of "contentment" was welcomed and authentic. 

The next thought that crossed my mind was that I'd like to bring creativity back into my life - it had been many years since I had an outlet [*in fact it was a business] that involved my artistic creativity. Over the years, I had started and stopped so many times but no materials, mediums, baubles or beads kept my attention and my life was busy with a full-time career and raising two kids.  

Fast foward to March of 2020.  I vividly remember [*and I think I always will] my last trek home from my office in downtown New York City.  It was surreal - everyone was juggling a box of office essentials in one hand and toilet paper in the other - thinking we were headed into our apartments for 2-3 weeks to wait out the Coronavirus.

Well, we now know that four months later NYC is slowly and cautiously re-opening and I have been in our two-bedroom apartment almost every day of the quarentine. The first month, after long hours of working remotely mainly on Zoom, we entertained ourselves watching Tiger King, trying to figure out Tic Toc to make our adult kids laugh and eating comfort food from our childhood.

I don't know how I stumbled on some YouTube resin tutorials, but I did and soon I was binge watching those every night. I was overwhelmed with all of the products, terminology and the reality of working in a small-ish NYC space. It also seemed like "experimenting" could be a costly [*and messy] endeavor. But, the possibilities seemed endless.

Thankfully, I found Katherine at Resin Obsession. Her free tutorials are very much focused on helping people avoid mistakes and when you do, how to fix those mistakes [*or enhance them really]. I decided to take Katherine's online resin course and progress through the classes and demos before I spent a penny on any supplies. 

When I was done [*I binged the courses so it didn't take me long and was way better than NetFlix] I carefully followed the supply list and learned the difference between "doming" and "casting" and "torching" and why you need a lot of gloves and wooden popsicle sticks. I am certain that I saved money paying for Katherine's course first to learn the basics while containing my enthusiasm to start ordering supplies right off the bat.

Now that it's been three months, I can see my knowledge and confidence with resin and a few other mediums increase. While mistakes are still costly, I am much more willing to experiment and I feel like I have endless ideas that will slowly work their way into my small NYC apartment "studio" [*aka guest room/office/used to be husbands work space].  And, if you are here by way of Etsy or a visit to my website -- I've made enough objects, jewelry and sparkly items to fill a shop -  you can find me at jstarrnyc.etsy.com.

There's still so much more to discover and way more colorful journeys in store as I am now officially resin obsessed and I hope you will be too!