Jewelry, Gifts and Sparkle

I am a professional by day and a creative artist by night and weekend. It is my joy and my respite - and I truly "pour love" into everything I make in my little studio. I live in New York City in the heart of the art district in SOHO. I am Inspired by vibrant and highly saturated colors and texture and my creations reflect an eternally optimistic outlook and a celebration of daily life.

My life experiences have made me unabashedly delighted by the simplicity, sweetness, and joy of flowers, animals, nature, and abstract design - and of course, my beloved NYC. I create with love and hopefulness that my artwork and creations inspire moments of gentleness, harmony and smiles. Afterall, my items are usually purchased as gifts to give, or to oneself. I package and ship each item you select with creativity, love and care [as you can see from my customer reviews]

The Goddess figurines in my Etsy shop have become a special passion as I have connected with so many wonderful Etsy customers who have "found the one" that speaks to them in my shop. Each Goddess is a one-of-a-kind so that the one you see, is the one you will receive because each element and detail is unique to you. I am always on the lookout for different body types and figures to add to the collection so that we can all see ourselves reflected in the art we surround ourselves with daily.

Please favorite my shop and visit often - I am so glad you "stopped by" and I hope you will find a little treasure, trinket or gift in my shop that makes you smile.

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